25.8. - 27.8. 2023
Hosin airport near České Budějovice

8. international gathering
of Volkswagen cars

Program of VolkswagenFest

26 August, Friday

15:00 Opening hour
20:00 Live music performanc DJ SLEPI
01:00 Music and projections (video-disco)
28 August, Saturday

11:00-18:00 Sprints on the runway
10:00-18:00 Voting for the most beautiful car of the festival
10:00-18:00 Opening of our partner's tents
10:00-18:00 Commented car show on ramps
20:30-21:30 Paulie Garand & Kenny Rough
22:00-22:30 Pick winner of VW EOS
22:30-02:00 Music and free fun

Join us

Come and stay for an experience you will remember the whole year!

What to look forward to

Volkswagen sprints

Test your strength against other participants

Most beautiful car competition

Vote for the most interesting car of the festival

Evening concerts

Something to dance to

Raffle and competitions


Car tuning

See what skilled hands can do

Volkswagen Fest 2017

We prepared a selection of photos from the last Volkswagen festival in Hosín. The gathering was attended by 400 Volkswagens during the course of the weekend. In place was an exposition of new and historic car models. Among the most interesting were for example Golf 7,5, Arteon, Tiguan and more. The leading historic models were T1 Samba, the GTI golf line, Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen. You will also find photos of our guest's cars and photos of the program. If you weren't there, you can at least have a look at the good time we had.

Useful informations

  • Stands
    Stands will be available for the whole day, offering plenty of additional activities and a wide selection of food. All you need is to come and take a look, learn something, wash, vacuum... whatever you can think of. Everything is going to be there. Jan Říha and Jakub Kotek from the Óčko TV station will guide you through the whole day.
  • Parking
    Parking spaces for all participants are available at the airport area. You can enter the site with both a Volkswagen car or a car of a different brand. Please follow the instructions of the event organizers. There will be a dedicated separate parking area for cars of brands other than Volkswagen. After all, this is Volkswagen fest so cars branded with VW on their hoods will have priority in parking
  • Can I stay the night at site?
    Yes. We will set up several areas at the airport as temporary camping grounds. Sure, this is an airport and not a five-star camp so don't expect much in the way of luxury. Bus-drivers can take it easy anyway and others just need to find a tent. We will provide temporary electric supply, drinking water and toilets. Camping is possible from Friday to Sunday for no additional fee.
  • Do I need to register first?
    No, you don't. We will be prepared for participants who decide to go to celebrate with us at the last minute, but by registering you make our job easier and we will be able to plan more accurately. You will also save a few crowns now and a long wait in the queue later. By registering in advance you can also be sure that your festival T-shirt will be waiting for you.
  • Will there be catering at site?
    Yes, it will. We will prepare a large capacity party tent right at the airport site with sufficient number of seats and tables. You will find a number of food and drink stands close by. Grilled classics, sausages, beer, lemonade, you know the drill. Relax with a cup of coffee in a temporary coffeehouse or try mixed drinks? No problem.
  • What about the kids?
    Several bouncy castles will be prepared so you can let your children play and tire out.